Journal Articles

“The Unresolved Problem of Gratuitous Credit in Austrian Banking Theory,” Review of Austrian Economics (2017) 30: 83. Invited paper for special issue on the New Macroeconomics. Winner of Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Competition ($1,000 prize)

“Eighty Years in the Making: How Housing Subsidies Caused the Financial Meltdown,”  Journal of Law, Economics and Policy, George Mason University School of Law, Spring 2010.

Non-Refereed Articles

“Net Neutrality: Toward a ‘Stupid’ Internet,” The Objective Standard, Winter 2008-2009.

“Property Rights and the Crisis of the Electric Grid,” The Objective Standard, Summer 2008.

Book Chapter

“The Dubious Origins and Purpose of Central Banking,” In Pursuit of Wealth: The Morality of Finance, Yaron Brook and Don Watkin, Editors. Ayn Rand Institute, 2017.

Working Papers

“Entrepreneurial Discovery, Capital Loss, and Economic Cycles”

“The Heroic Theory of the Business Cycle: Joseph Schumpeter and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle” (work in progress)

Book Review

Review of The Political Economy of Public Debt: Three Centuries of Theory and Evidence, by Richard M. Salsman. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2017. Appeared in The Objective Standard, Vol. 12, No. 3, Summer 2017.

Popular Press

“Is More Regulation the Answer to Market Woes?” CFA Institute Magazine, January/February 2009.


  • Independent Review
  • Review of Austrian Economics