Journal Articles

“The Unresolved Problem of Gratuitous Credit in Austrian Banking Theory,” Review of Austrian Economics (2016), invited paper for special issue on the New Macroeconomics. Winner of  Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Competition.

“Eighty Years in the Making: How Housing Subsidies Caused the Financial Meltdown,”  Journal of Law, Economics and Policy, George Mason University School of Law, Spring 2010.

Non-Refereed Articles

“Net Neutrality: Toward a ‘Stupid’ Internet,” The Objective Standard, Winter 2008-2009.

“Property Rights and the Crisis of the Electric Grid,” The Objective Standard, Summer 2008.

Working Papers

“Resolving an Incoherence in Austrian Banking Theory” (work in progress)

“The Heroic Theory of the Business Cycle: Joseph Schumpeter and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle” (work in progress)

Popular Press

“Is More Regulation the Answer to Market Woes?” CFA Institute Magazine, January/February 2009.


  • Independent Review
  • Review of Austrian Economics